On the 23 of March 1946 Carboncini Arturo, Castelli Antonio and CortiAchille everyone is a specialist in the sphere of industrial construction, graduated from technical college of Como (L'IstitutoTecnocoMagistriCumacini di Como), have founded an enterprise "CarbonciniCastelli and Corti" with a united name and location in Como; later on the 19th of November 1949 the enterprise was closed down and then reestablished in December 1949 as Company limited without Castelli Antonio, with a new name "Carboncini and Corti Construction Company" with a location in Lomazzo (Como).

July, 2 1955 with further changes the company became "Carboncini Construction Company" with the location in Lomazzo 15, Trento Str.

Later the location was changed to the actual in Lomazzo (Como) address 4, Sempione Str.

At first the company was supported by a small group of workers, but soon after it started to develop, operating on the whole Como province territory and had been constantly supported by attracting new specialists and workers.

Just by the 1961 the Carboncini company had adjusted the system industrialized for residential housing construction according to French model, building numerous economically popular construction facilities.

In 1971 Valentino Carboncini joins the company and after his father's death Arturo Carboncini in 1975, Valentino becomes a partner with an unlimited liability and legally accountable person.

In 1975 the company develops its own specialization in the sphere of sewage purification and desalination, and works with the order of public organizations and for private establishments.

Since 1978 the company has been working independently, erecting residential housing and industrial systems, and also performing construction works supported by the public financing.

January, 1st 1995 the Carboncini company (" Impresa Costruzioni Carboncini& C. sas") is becoming a corporation, acquiring a new and actual company name "Impresa Costruzioni Carboncini& C. SpA".

March, 23rd 1999 the company obtains certificate of proprietary company's quality system by C.M.Q. UNI ISO 9001.

Among different acknowledgements obtained during long working years, the latest are:

  • 1998 – the top level recognition Special Award P.M.I. for industrial safety methods (Lombardy region L.R. 35/96)
  • 1999 – architectural award ("Maestri Cumacini")