The Carboncini company has been working in the sphere of construction industry since 1946, developing and performing mainly construction works, roadway maintenance works, hydraulic works, railway works and other types of activity that are certainly connected with contractor's business, including building materials vending.

The company's principal activity consists of residential housing both public and individual, either as provided by the order or by an inherent project, industrial building construction, erection of schools, hospitals and sport centres, besides the company deals with hydraulic work.

Principal fields of activity:

  • Public and individual residential housing: this is the first-priority area symbolizing the beginning of any activity
  • Industrial building: industrial buildings construction in general and specialty in fabric and printing industry construction particularly
  • Hospitals construction: hospitals, clinics, sanatoria, health resorts, geriatric homes
  • Schools construction: schools, kindergartens
  • Sport buildings construction: sport centres, stadiums, gyms
  • Military construction: police barracks and financial guards barracks
  • Hydraulic construction: water supply, sewerage system, hydraulic hookups, drain installation, water purifier installation, up-and-over drinking water tanks construction as well as tanks in the basement

Over the time of company existence it has fulfilled numerous construction works in the sphere of residential housing in different districts of Como province with the administration assistance.

The Carboncini company is able to perform any kind of work, even considerable in amount, due to the company's structure, efficient engineering capabilities and financial power.

As a matter of fact, the company has been always taking place among the most large-scale and qualified construction companies in province of Como.

In support of what was said above, the Carboncini company has become the first company in the region, that registered its own proprietary quality system in order for UNIEN ISO 9001 norms, and now is one of the top companies on the national level.

Initially, the Carboncini company was on the National Builder's List, further on in connection with normative changes in the sphere of municipal construction, the company has decided to switch over to proprietary quality assurance.

This goal was reached in March 1999, when the company got the certificate by C.M.Q. # 99248.

Proprietary quality assurance is the serious responsibility for the Carboncini company on every operation level.

Seriousness, professionalism and correctness are company's philosophy and foundation of success.