Carboncini is the first building company in Como province to pass successfully Blower Door Test, holding by AgensiaCasaclima organization in Balzano. "Thanks for recognition", Valentino Carboncini says, the president of the company in Lomazzo, - "we are able to get the golden certificate Casaclima for a residential building, being erected in Collate". In fact, what does this recognition mean? "Passing this test approves that we have reached higher operational characteristics of so called frame binding constructions, than established by the law. It means to get safe building of high quality with absolute comfort guarantee. The Casaclima certificate is very important by itself, and, naturally, to be the first company in Como province that can classify its buildings as the highest Golden category is a vital result for those who as well as we strives for the best quality." Casaclima energy certificate is an essential tool for evaluation of energy demands for heating, building energy efficiency in complex, and also for environmental support, without any pollution. Parameters, which are controlled by Balzano Organization (AgensiaCasaclima di Balzano) with the help of special test, are aimed at defining and fixing the energy class of a building according to classification, which consists of Golden category, categories A and B. The presence of the certificate favours the reevaluation of real estate prestige, without paying attention to its market value, and is the building guarantee, constructed following criteria of preserving environment.


"The result is even more impressive, if you take into account the fact that Casaclima organization issues the certificate acknowledged at the governmental level, and that is based on the check-test, made in real location. It means that constructed by our company building, passed the check in reality, and achieved the most effective results. As for other certificates CENED of Lombardy region – it is another story. This typology of housing classification is based on theoretical data, in fact. Construction companies send their documents, marking some identity parameters, and after data analysis, the company certificate is sent. It is essentially important that those who buy real estate realize this considerable difference: Casaclima certificates are the only ones, based on the accurate check, performed in the building itself, and can guarantee energy efficiency of the building, not judging by theoretical data."

Casaclima golden category is also known as "house of one litre", this is because for a square meter it is demanded a litre of gas-oil or cubic meter of gas a year; in fact, a house with such a certificate has fuel consumption less than 10 qW/m2. Carboncini Construction Company gained this certificate due to passing Blower Door Test, while which the building under test was evaluated as n50 for 0.42 vol/h. This evaluation defines, how often there is a total air volume refreshing in the building every hour, with the difference of pressure in 50 Pa (Pascal). The minimal level is n50, the maximum is air density inside the building. The limit point for buildings acquired a golden category Casaclima is less than 0.6 vol/h. In reality, there are only three buildings in Como province, that passed the test on getting Golden energy class, and the building, constructed be the Carboncini company performed the best results. The project was realized in collaboration with architectural studio in Como TrabucciArchitetti.

The Carboncini construction company has been attentive to a special way of constructing houses, in respect to environment and with guarantees of maximum comfort for a long time. "Consume less energy is not only about paying less money, but also it means to live in more comfortable and cozy house, feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle. That is why our company, with experience in more than 60 years, adjusted the technique of constructing Carboclima for erecting houses with low energy consumption", claims Carboncini. Next generation isolation, high quality sashes, methods of using energy, produced by ground, floor heating with the help of condensation boiler of low temperature, modern electric power substations and "intellectually-made" water taps – these are only some of examples of precaution, that guarantee psychological and physical wellness of those, who live in the house by Carboncini. "Those who live in the house constructed according to Carboclima system, not only live in favourable conditions, but also have the chance to feel the effect a saving of energy consumption (more than for 50%) visual in bills. All this, without touching upon environmental question, contributes to personal protection, decreasing toxic extractions into atmosphere, which happen during production and construction processes."